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Enabling Purposeful Change

The Leadership Tree is a global collective of professionals committed to enabling individuals and organisations expand their mindsets and behaviour in ways that create positive and purposeful change.


Build positive workplace cultures, where employees bring enthusiasm, creativity and collaboration to work. Where leaders are genuine, and are accountable for building trust and responsibility in their people. In that process, workplaces become deeply human, kinder, more fun, honest and wise, creating those workplaces is our superpower.
Our Services

We partner with organisations in six key areas:​​


Leadership Development

We partner with leaders to develop their authentic leadership.




We empower teams to develop individual and collective insight resulting in alignment, engagement &  coherent team strategies.


Facilitator Development

Increase  the capability of your trainers and coaches to be Transformational Facilitators.


Executive Coaching

We create the collaboration and trust for executives to freely and confidentially explore self motivations, gain clarity and determine an empowered way forward.


Mindfulness & Resilience

We combine mindfulness with the latest understanding of internal resilience - a powerful combination on which leaders & teams can thrive.




We offer a range of short, practical and well designed capability building sessions.


“I believe Caroline to be one of the best EQ facilitators in Australia. As such, she is a perfect fit for anyone looking to enhance their leadership development practice through developing strong emotional intelligence skills in their leadership population.”

General Manager, Leadership and Coaching Effectiveness
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Cultural Values Transformation,

using a Culture Values Audit

THE APPROACH: Conduct a Cultural Values Audit (CVA)with business units, teams or the whole company, which is designed to:

  • Provide a framework to understand the personal values, current culture values and desired culture values.

  • Provide a way to measure progress towards the desired culture.

  • Gauge alignment between actual values vs espoused values and the degree to which the culture is focused on self–interest, transformation and the common good.

THE OUTCOME: Results from the CVA will answer several fundamental questions:

  • What is important to our people?

  • How do we help them to show up at work at be the best they can be?

  • Where are the gaps – what behaviours limit our performance and where are our blind spots?

  • Are the values of our leadership capable of taking the organisation to where it wants to be - its desired culture? 

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"In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike." 

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