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We collaborate with our clients and relevant stakeholders to co-create customised solutions that meet everyone’s needs and deliver sustainable outcomes.

It is a respectful partnership.  We ask thoughtful and stimulating questions to challenge our collective thinking. We listen. We use our insights and experience to influence purposefully. 

We intend to leave you better off than when we arrived. The footprint we leave sustains the changes far beyond our time with you. We are committed to embedding new capabilities so that the transformation is sustained long after we have gone.

Learning Delivery

We take learning delivery to the
next level

Our approach to adult learning

We know that education is important, even mandatory to develop baseline skills and knowledge. We also know that throwing a course at the problem rarely provides the solution you were hoping for. That is why at The Leadership Tree, we always push the envelope. We always take learning to the next level

  • We seek not to lecture, but to stretch and educate our participants

  • We aim to expose our participants to a range of contexts

  • We know that experiencing the content is much more effective

than just hearing and seeing it


Each intervention is designed to meet the participants where they are

currently and build from there. With that in mind, we propose two

approaches to leadership and team development, a formal and an

informal stream.


We are experts at putting together new programs and learning pathways, so if there is a learning need in your business, we’ll be there to help you meet it.


Flexibility is important to our clients, so with The Leadership Tree you are free to choose only the components you want and need, when you want and need them. If you’d like us to deliver your existing programs only, we’re here to help.


We will work with you to embed the skills, methodologies, mindsets and behaviors into business-as-usual workflows so your organisation can begin to change as a whole.


We can work with you to design a custom program. If you decide that your programs could use some fresh ideas and redesign, we can help with that too.



We approach our consulting, delivery, design and embedding to ensure program success  

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