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By: Nicolai Check Nielsen, Gemma D’Auria and Sasha Zolley - Source: McKinsey & Company  


“Four qualities – awareness, vulnerability, empathy and compassion – are critical for business leaders to care for people in crisis and set the stage for business recovery”.


This article discusses compassionate leadership. 


By: Diana Ellsworth, Drew Goldstein and Bill Schaninger - Source: McKinsey & Company


“In order for a diverse workforce to flourish, companies must also enhance inclusion”.


This article discusses the relationship between workplace diversity and  inclusion, encompassing both the perspective of the individual as well as company. 

By: Kelly McGonigal - Source: Ted Talk


This Ted Talk discusses the impact of stress and how to manage it with a new approach.


by Jennifer Moss September 28, 2020


This article shows the unexpected link between leadership and burn out

by Andy Puddicombe

This talk shows a simple and powerful approach to Mindfulness

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