The core of our leadership development work is simple, how can people become better, more authentic, purposeful and accountable leaders?

The pathway focuses on Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Organisations.

We start by getting personal: Leaders can fail to reach their potential, not due to their lack of IQ, rather due to their lack of self awareness. Without high self-awareness we can be blind to internal obstacles that can reduce our confidence, effectiveness and enjoyment in our role as leaders. As Sir Edmund Hilary put it “Its not the mountain we must conquer, but ourselves”. 


Leadership capabilities include:

  • Authenticity - ensuring the shadow leaders cast is the one they intend to

  • Meaning – increase energy and passion by understanding your personal purpose

  • Engaging others though narrative, presence and boldness                                                    

  • Influencing with integrity

  • Building and maintaining trust and connection

  • Activating Emotional Intelligence

  • Building a high performing and resilient team