South Africa


Caroline brings 25 years of global experience as a researcher, designer and facilitator of the mindset and capability work that supports successful organisational and personal transformation. 


Her passion is transforming “what’s possible” for individuals, teams and organisations and their performance, through interventions that focus on authenticity and resilience, and aligning individual and organisational purpose and meaning. She has a deep understanding of what it takes for leaders to lead from Be-ing rather than Do-ing. 


Her intention is that the work be empowering, purposeful, increases our capacity to influence with integrity and to  make sense of the complex world we live in. 


Founding facilitator of Mindset and Capabilities division of McKinsey and Company. Serving leading global companies on leadership, individual and cultural transformation. 

Winner of  2010 Australian Banking and Finance Industry  ‘Best Career Development Program’, designed for  Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s CommLeader suite of programmes. Key designer and facilitator of these programs. Caroline continues to partner on the delivery and continued process improvement of these courses. 


Extensive experience in ‘The Inner Game of Leadership’, which includes what it takes to lead powerfully from Be-ing rather than Do-ing, allowing leaders to make transformational shifts in their own internal operating system, at the same time building  more internal resilience and resourcefulness.  

International leadership experience. Designing and facilitating leadership programs in India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Europe, Brazil, China, Indonesia and Mauritius. 


Empowerment: Working with local communities and NGOs to empower communities to move from a victim mindset to empowering one. 

History of working in Women in Leadership programs and Rural Youth Forums. Innovative work looking at core influence frameworks in organisational and personal transformation using new thinking in connecting mindsets and somatics (neuro biology, resilience and wellbeing), and in building people’s capacity to focus attention. 

Executive Coach. Coaching senior executives, including top teams. Director of Conflict Resolution Network Training Support, part of The Conflict Resolution Network,  founded in 1986 under the auspices of the United Nations Association of Australia.



  • Oil, Gas and Mining

  • Financial services and Banking

  • Media (radio and television)

  • Telecommunications

  • Professional services

  • Not-for-profits. NGOs



  • Human Synergistics Tools (LSI and GSI)

  • DiSC: Accreditation in Personality Styles

  • The Leadership Circle

  • Sir John Whitmore and Tim Gallway: The Inner Game

  • Barrett Values Centre: Corporate Transformation Tools

  • GBA/McKinsey: Accredited as Lead Facilitator, Personal Transformation

  • The Conflict Resolution Network:  Mediation and Conflict Resolution

  • Drs Julie Henderson and Tony Richardson: 10 years research into resilience, renewal and somatics



  • Director of NGO working in Northern India and Tibet




Jason has over 20 years of experience as executive coach, management consultant, facilitator and teacher, with a background in the some of the world’s most renowned blue chip organisations.


  • Leadership and organisational consulting: from architecting multi-year cultural change programs, to radically improving the way organisations develop their leadership talent, Jason brings his deep and varied consulting expertise to create breakthroughs in performance

  • Facilitation and executive education: Jason designs and facilitates a wide variety of organisational interventions, including top team alignment and leadership off sites. He is also a compelling teacher and educator, working alongside faculty from the world’s leading business schools.

  • Executive coaching: working with senior executives to help them succeed, often in periods of challenging transition. Jason uses a powerful blend of challenge and support to help leaders shift both mindsets and behaviours, enabling enhanced individual and organisational productivity.

  • Most recently, Jason was head of the prestigious Pine Street leadership development group at Goldman Sachs International, a role he took up after running his first consultancy business where he collaborated with London Business School, McKinsey and Harvard Business School. Earlier, he was director of leadership development at BP plc and spent almost a decade as a leadership and organisational expert at the management consultancy McKinsey and Company, counselling senior leaders globally on transformational change.


  • Jason is currently studying for a Masters in Executive Coaching at Ashridge Business School

  • Accredited Immunity to Change coach (in conjunction with Professor Bob Kegan at Harvard)

  • Licensed in several psychometric instruments.

  • MBA from London Business School

  • MA from QMW College (University of London)

  • First class BA in business and languages from Sheffield.




With over 16 years of leadership experience working in high performing FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, I bring hands-on experience of developing and leading teams, transforming cultures and successfully defining and executing strategy in a volatile and uncertain world. My style is adaptive, intuitive and co-creative with the purpose of releasing potential by developing inclusive mindsets and finding purpose and meaning. My work is underpinned with the knowing that when we focus on connecting authentically to ourselves and to one another we transform our teams and organisations by enhancing communication, collaboration and creativity. This is where the magic happens. We move from simply surviving to absolutely thriving.


  • Coaching key staff in an international NGO following significant events in the Middle Eastern Region.

  • Design and delivery of a Transformational Leadership Journey spanning 8 months for senior leaders and high potential staff in a Professional Services Firm.

  • Design and delivery of facilitated interactive Zoom webinars to enhance connection and collaboration for MENA senior leaders in a global energy firm.

  • Design and delivery of “Mindful Leadership” workshops for Private Services and Healthcare Client.

  • Coaching U.A.E leadership team of a global automotive company following structural reorganization.


  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Chemicals

  • Automotive

  • Retail

  • Energy

  • NGOs

  • Healthcare

  • Construction

  • Professional Services


  • Certified Transpersonal Coach - IHE

  • Cultural Transformational Tools (CTT) Consultant - Barrett Values Centre

  • HeartMath Certified Practitioner

  • U Theory Visual Presencing - PI

  • Nonviolent Communication – CNVC

  • GBA – Being In Relationship | Champions for Change, Champions for Transformation | AR1

  • MTa Learning – Certified Facilitator

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher Training (MBCT) – University of Oxford




Sonia brings 25 years experience to her consulting where she operates globally as an Executive Mentor and Coach ;  Facilitator,  Trainer and Organisation Development/ HR Specialist, and Change Management in the arenas of culture transformation, high performance teams, systemic mapping, HR advisory, personal mastery and leadership development.  


As a thought partner at Senior and Executive levels she facilitates journeys of transformation at the personal, relational, change and cultural levels in support of releasing full potential and performance. 



Sonia spent 3 ½ years with McKinsey and Company – initially in New York and then Johannesburg as a Senior Practice Expert in the Organisation Practice. Prior to this holding executive level positions at the ANZ Banking group, HJ Heinz and Shell. 


At ANZ she held roles as Head of HR, Communications and Corporate Affairs in International Banking ; Head of Group HR ( Acting ) and Head of Breakout and Culture Transformation.  In HJ Heinz, she was Director HR – Australia and then Regional HR Director Asia Pacific.


These roles included exposure to and leadership of large scale performance transformations in ANZ, M&A in both ANZ and HJ Heinz, start ups and downsizing.


Over the course of her consulting career, she has experienced global leadership development, coaching and mentoring, culture transformation experience in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Chile, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Thailand, China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, Europe and the UK.

Her clients describe her as creating safety though connection and compassion, whilst also being direct and straight.  Knowledgeable about the realities of business constructs and creating deep personal awareness at the root cause along with understanding the larger system dynamics and their impact.


  • Consciousness Coaching Master 3

  • DiSC

  • The Leadership Circle

  • Pearson Marr Archetypes

  • Barrett Values Centre: Corporate Transformation Tools – Level 2

  • GBA/McKinsey - Accredited as Lead Facilitator, Personal Transformation

  • Bar-on EQ

  • Spiral Dynamics

  • Organisation Systems Dynamics /Constellations

  • Time to Think Practitioner

  • Heartmath Coach

  • Whole Brain Coach

  • Change Creator Practitioner


  • Is a director on the HRC of the National Empowerment Fund in South Africa